Frequently Asked Questions

How much can the price vary from the “starting at” price?

Pricing varies in accordance with the work requested. Each website, design, and piece of content will change depending on the scale of the project. 

All pricing shall be discussed before beginning any project. There will be no hidden cost or extra charges for small changes and requests.

I am here to help, not exploit. 

Do you offer graphic design packages?

Graphic design is usually individual projects for pieces such as a logo, a brochure, or a business card that will beautifully represent your brand for years to come. 

Should you wish to arrange an ongoing graphic design agreement for weekly or monthly materials subject to change (such as event posters, menus, deals, social media posts, digital or print imagery of any kind), please contact and we can discuss the details. 

Do you offer blog packages?

Currently, I offer a 500 word blog for €100. This is usually in the form of a monthly blog.

If you require a blog that exceeds this word count, and/or a weekly/bi-weekly blog, I can absolutely oblige. Contact to discuss the details of exactly what you require. 

How long does a website take to complete and go live?

This depends on the scale of the project and requirements for the website. 

Usually, we’re talking a 2 – 4 week period. 

Do you only offer services for new websites?

Absolutely not. If you are seeking to give an existing website a makeover, change up your content, or just looking to add some images to liven it up, I am here to help. 

I will assist with any aspect of marketing, design, and content that I can.

Are you offering social media packages?

Social media management & content creation varies pending on a businesses needs and requests. There are no set packages in place.